What the palate tastes is first stimulated by what the eye sees.
A gleaming “marron” creates a sparkle in the eye! Our “marrons” are packaged with the greatest care to make sure your customers are attracted to them.


Our “Marrons Glacés” can be sold in neutral or customized paper wrap. We offer a large range of colours.
Should you prefer customization, please send us your logo.
Customization is available for large as well as for small quantities. Our sales team or assistants will be  happy to provide you with an exact estimate.

Gift Boxes

We work in close cooperation with carton and wooden box manufacturers (the wooden box is the traditional packaging for “marrons glacés”). They will customize your boxes for large as well as for smaller quantities.
To help you reduce the cost of your investment, we offer rental services for our cutting equipment. Please ask our sales team or assistants for a customized estimate.